The original beer with hemp protein

Best ingredients

Our brewmasters spent over a year chosing and combining the best ingredients to create our innovative and beautifully balanced brew.

Farming practices

Our malts and hops are carefully selected and organically grown to guarantee consitency, fantastic aromas and respect nature.

The magic behind

MariGold’ s unique ingredient, together with a complex arrangement gives the beer its distinctive taste, with added hemp's health benefits for body and soul.

Every beer has a story

We know a thing or two about beer : our first brew goes back to 1429 so our beers draw over centuries of experience.

There is a story
behind every

Discover our beer

Did you know hops and hemp are best mates ? In fact, they're family and that's why they go so well together.
We have combined them in a unique premium craft beer.

MariGold 4/20

A premium craft beer that blends german ancestral brewing traditions together with cannabis sativa L protein using advanced mixing technology.
The result : an easy drinking IPA style beer, rich in aromas, with a pleasing caramel honey body look and a nice thick foam head.
Body and soul ! 

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a day
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