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Our ancient passion for brewing effortlessly combines with our love for modern technologies.
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Back to the roots

This is the place we all like to call "home" : one of Germany's oldest breweries, we haven't moved in almost 600 years.


The brewing town of Wittingen is attractively located between Uelzen, Celle, Gifhorn, Wolfsburg and Salzwedel. In the middle of the over 1200 year old city center you will find our brewery, one of the oldest privately owned breweries in northern Germany.

Our brewing rights have been historically documented since 1429, because this year, the city chronicle reports, Probst Ludolf from the Isenhagen Abbey owed the brewery a barrel of Wittinger beer. Even ten years later, this debt was still recorded in the monastery’s economic register and only then settled by his successor. The first known mention of the “city of Wittingen” took place only 20 years earlier – in May 1406.


We have been a family-owned private company since 1429 and one of the oldest breweries not only in Germany. We are aware of this long tradition and are committed to it. It is the starting point for our thinking and acting today. And still in the same place as almost 600 years ago: in the city of Wittingen, because we have never lost sight of our roots.

We are aware of the ethical and moral obligation of our workforce and promote their skills and commitment through our training and further education opportunities. However, we attach particular importance to the personal care of our customers, because it is precisely in the close proximity to customers that we see a great competitive advantage over the other market participants.


As a company that has been family-owned for almost 600 years, we are particularly committed to sustainable management. It is in our own best interest to preserve and promote our environment, our raw materials, our cultural and social environment as well as the interests of our business partners and employees in the same way as our own long-term corporate interests. 

Through constant innovations, we ensure energy and resource efficiency, the lasting quality of our products and valuable jobs. We consistently and continuously improve our processes and involve suppliers, customers and employees alike – to secure our future.

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